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205 final - Bobby Krivitsky Ellen Fallon Writing 205 May 8...

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Bobby Krivitsky Ellen Fallon Writing 205 May 8, 2011 The Yankees and 9/11 Life is hard. It is filled with tragedies, failed goals, and broken dreams. It seems, the older we get, the harder things are. That is why we look for ways of escaping. We look for means of obtaining the peace and freedom that we may not have in the real world. We use TV, watch movies, or listen to music in order to escape. We use these to forget about the problems in our lives and temporarily relieve some of the stress in our lives. Another great mechanism for alleviating the pain is sports. People put so much of an emotional investment into a team, knowing that they are not on or directly involved with the team. It’s fascinating how despite knowing that the failures and successes of the team do not have a direct impact on one, an individual can’t help but feel like when their favorite sports team wins, they win. This is the power of sports. When an individual finds a team who they feel represent who they are or what they believe in it can prove to have a profound impact. Examples of this include one who feels like they might be an underdog, one who falls in love with a hometown team because they feel the team embodies the personality and attitude of the city, and a person who loves winning falling in love with a dynasty such as the Yankees. One becomes so invested in a team that when the team wins it is symbolic and represents the individual winning. While they may not have played a minute in the game, they have the same feelings of joy and elation after a victory. There is no greater example of a team uplifting the spirits of not just one individual but an entire
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city than what the New York Yankees were able to do for the spirits of the citizens of New York City following September eleventh. After the bombing of the twin towers, the United States of America was left in a state of devastation, especially New York City. The city desperately needed something to believe in and to rally around. Amazingly, the New York Yankees were able to serve as that rallying point, picking up a broken city. The Yankees helped restore the pride of New York City and helped them to move on from the devastation that was September eleventh. In life, the things we use to distract us from the pain don’t just take our focus off of it, but help us to overcome the obstacle and after 9/11, the Yankees did just that for New York City. The tragedies that occurred on 9/11 have come full circle now with the death of Osama Bin Laden, however back in 2001 the damage was fresh in everyone’s minds. The twin towers were decimated and so was America. For the first time, we had been penetrated, our freedom violated and compromised. The result, the deaths of millions of innocent people. However, in the midst of the devastation the New York Yankees were there for their city. The Yankees provided the distraction that the city of New York desperately needed in order to take their minds off the tragedy and ultimately over come it. As the people of New York watched their beloved Yankees they began to forget about
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