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history 112 paper 2 - Bobby Krivitsky Michael Ebner History...

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Bobby Krivitsky Michael Ebner History 112 Paper #2 April 15, 2011 Nazi Germany: Totalitarian Totalitarian government can be defined as a system of highly centralized government in which one political party or group takes control and grants neither recognition nor tolerance to other political groups. The reason that nations turn to a totalitarian government is due to how effective and productive it is. Having one group in charge who does not listen to the arguments of their counterparts is able to easily pass laws and put them into action. Having one voice takes a nation in a clear direction and allows them to get things done. However, having only one voice comes with a tremendous amount of problems. Not listening to the opposing party means viewing issues narrowly and not seeing every point of view or solution. It is also a risk due to the fact that the solution chosen by the party in power may not be the best choice or may even prove to be completely ineffective. There is also the fact that the individual who leads the party in power wields a tremendous amount of power, something that can become incredibly dangerous. This individual can become a tyrant and a dictator, ruling the country however he see fit. In the case of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler was able to come to power by running a campaign loaded with propaganda. Hitler’s campaign was designed to manipulate and control public opinion. Hitler also found a scapegoat for Germany’s struggles, the Jews. Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany’s decline and the
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struggles that they had been experiencing. Germany bought into this theory and decided to blindly follow Hitler, giving him full power. When Paul Von Hindenburg died in August of 1934, Hitler took over becoming president and chancellor. It was here that
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history 112 paper 2 - Bobby Krivitsky Michael Ebner History...

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