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history study guide - Industrialization had a stronger...

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Industrialization had a stronger effect than French revolution Intro The Industrial Era had a greater effect on the social and economic lives of oradinary Europeans than the ideals from the French Revolution. 1 st para – social transformation of Industrial Era 2 nd para – economic transofmraiotn of Industrial Era 3 rd para – ideals of French Reovlution 4 th para – prove ideals don’t exist in European culture, by pointing to examples of Europeans violating those ideals Conclusion Blah blah blah, according to the Standard of Living Debate. Blunt Intro: Industrialization came to have a greater impact than the French revolution I. Economic growth = rise in middle class due to managing and running factories Less agrarian of an economy Standard of Living Debate Social Transformation: Evidence given before the Sadler Committee Testimony gathered by the Ashley's Mines Commission Chadwick's Report on Sanitary Conditions Rise in factory areas people take city jobs Factories are dangerous and poorly maintained
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Dangerous locations to live and work in Industrial era causes these social issues but reforms occur to try and better society Such as movements for poverty and education reform Ideals of French Revolution: (Find Definitions in book for these terms) Egalitarian, very liberal Popular sovereignty Legal equality Declaration of Rights of Man and of the Citizen – one of founding documents of French Revolution 1. Men are born equal and possessed of their rights
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history study guide - Industrialization had a stronger...

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