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21 - you can do for your state Three models for Unification...

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Unification: Nationalism: A 19 th century ideology which held that ‘national’ groups bound by language, culture, and other factors formed basic, natural units of sociopolitical organization and should have their own independent states, so-called ‘nation-states.’ Interpretations: Invention Historical Cultural Uses: Revolutionary State – promotes loyalty –conservatism Revolutions of 1848: France: Second Republic (1848-51) Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte – President, Napoleon’s cousin Declares Second French Empire (1851) The Italian ‘Risorgimento’ Started during French Revolution when Napoleon unified parts of Italy Cultural Nationalism- authors write novels w/ strong national theme, I.E. allegory about creating a nation Father of Italian Nationalism – Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872) – “young Italy”
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Hated Monarchies- believed they ultimately deceived and sold out Also did not believe in Liberalism – not about what you’re state can do for you but what
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Unformatted text preview: you can do for your state. Three models for Unification: Mazzini’s Model: The People Pope: Pius IX – Italy lead by the pope Piedmont: Victor Emanuel II – King of Piedmont-Sardinia Count Camillo Cavour – Prime Minister (1852-61) Liberal, economic reforms, nationalism, Realpolitik Foreign Policy: Crimean War (1854) Friendship with Louis Napoleon 1858 the two signed an agreement stating France would join piedmont in war against Austria 1859, Austria declares war against Piedmont. France and Piedmont go to war against Austria Annexation of Lombardy Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882): Expedition to Sicily 1860 Kingdom of Italy declared in 1861 Venetia 1866 Rome 1870 Unification and Its discontents: The South: Civil War (1860-1865) The Papacy – Pope angry, wants nothing to do with Italy “Making Italians” Italy: Nation or Myth? Myth Masterpiece of Liberal Nationalism Nationalism: Religion of the state...
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