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9-11 Response - pay respect to those who were lost Players...

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Nick Pulis Response SPM 205 9-12-10 The most popular question that was asked on September 11, 2011 was “Where were you when the terrorist struck the twin towers?” To no amazement most everyone can remember. I was in the 5 th grade and ignorant to the loss that had occur however somewhat sympathetic due to the mourning of so many. It was the first time in my life that I saw a devastating time in the United States. However, over the years sports has seen all major tragedies and have treated them with the upmost respect. The 10 th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks was a special one in sports especially in America’s two favorite sports football and baseball. All over the country special ceremonies were put on during pregames, halftimes, and 7 th inning stretches in order to
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Unformatted text preview: pay respect to those who were lost. Players all around the country took great action to take pride in the country and pay respect as well. Once specific example I remember was when a Texans football play ran out of the tunnel with a large American flag that he proceeded to run around the stadium with. Sport in America is a common bond between almost all people, no matter what sport it is that you enjoy to watch. In addition, the 9-11 attacks are also a common bond between all people that live in the Unites States of America. So I feel that it is a great thing that sports across the country pay constant admiration By doing this it allows people all around the country to come together as a whole and take in the emotional but powerful day together....
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