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Nick Pulis Extra Credit SPM 205 12-4-11 Marketers with a sport organization have several very important tasks to complete to ensure success. Each organization is faced with several challenges that prevent them from completing these tasks. One specific challenge that has confronted the entire NBA was the lockout that took place the past few months. In an effort to keep the peace between the fans and each NBA team, marketers had to make emergency innovations. One example could be seen in the LA Clippers and LA Lakers organizations. Both of these teams play at the Staple Center and have a very large fan-base. In order to uphold
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Unformatted text preview: this fan-base marketer with both organizations decided to make all tickets for the entire NBA season 30% off. This lowers the price of the ticket and makes it more affordable for the average fan to attend a game. This was a great move by the Lakers and Clippers because they knew that the fans were upset about the situation and they had to make it up to them. I believe that many more teams will follow this example and make tickets prices lower in order to keep attendance up....
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