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Nick Pulis Spm 205 Extra Credit 10/18/11 College realignment has more action that it has seen in the past two decades. It seems like everyday there is a new college or university that is moving to another conference. This fact is frightening many conferences. In most recent events conferences have been trying to figure a away to keep athletic programs from migrating away. Specifically, the Big East has increased their fee to leave the conference to 10 million dollars. The Big East increased their 5 million dollar exit fee to 10 million dollars to try and keep schools like Syracuse University and Pittsburgh from leaving before their 27-
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Unformatted text preview: month exit timetable. This was a very smart move by the Big East because it keeps some teams from leaving the conference. It was also said within the conference in which this announcement was presented that the timetable for Syracuse and Pittsburgh to leave the conference would not be extended. This is a very important piece of information because it will keep Syracuse and Pittsburgh from leaving the conference a season early like they were hoping to do. Overall, this event will help the Big East prosper in the long run; however for no it seems like the Big East still has work to do....
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