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Nick Pulis SPM 205 10/25/11 Extra-Credit The most profound sporting event of all time, hands down, are the World Olympic Games. The Olympic sporting events have blessed this world for thousands of years and have built a respect and reputation like no other. After the 2008 Beijing Olympic games the London games in 2012 have many expectations. This high level of expectation has caused many debates during the development of the London games. One debate is whether or not the sport of football (American soccer) should be played in the Olympic games. The sport of football is the most popular sport in the World, however are not played in the Olympics. It has been almost proven that if football was played during the Olympics that attendance and viewings would increase even higher than the already
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Unformatted text preview: unprecedented numbers. I believe that we should not play soccer in the Olympics because it will take away from the World Cup. Surely it will be great for the games but I believe it will hurt the World Cup because the great nationalist feeling all citizens get for their country will decrease over time because they are exposed to the high level of competition to frequently. All in all, I believe that football will remain out of the Olympics and the football fans will have to continue watching the World Cup to witness the most extraordinary display of football known to man. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/olympics/8848253/London-2012-Olympics-debate-football-should-not-be-an-Olympic-sport.html...
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