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SPM 205 NOTES 8/31/2011 The key as a sport manager is to keep your customer base feeling passionate enough to continue to buy tickets, spend money on concession, buy apparel, or watch the product on television, satellite services, internet, or your phone or computer. PASSION – Drive traffic to retail sponsors. Growth of the Sport Industry -Increasing numbers of sport spectators -Growth of new leagues (roller derby) -Growth of media coverage Increase in Sport Participation Rising employment opportunity Growth of sport internationally 15 core categories of American Sports Undustry 350 Billion Dollar Industry Advertising 14.1% 27.43 billion Spectator Spending Sporting gods Operating expenses Gambling Travel Professional Services Medical Spending Licensed Goods Broadcast Rights Sponsorships Facility Construction Multimedia Endorsements Internet For every dollar generated 6 dollars is spent related to the overall market Associated economic activity is the money spent by participants, spectators and sponsors. What is Sport Sport implies having fun; but it can also apply to: 0 Work 1 A means of employment 2 A business (Marketing agency, sales agency, facilities development) Sport might include Multiple participants Two Participants One Participant Combination of configurations Team tournaments Olympic games Competitions Loy’s Characteristics of Sport
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Be Play-Like Need competition Some more but look in book VanderZwagg’s Defition of sport: Sport is a competitive physical activity, utilizing specialized equipment and facilities, with unique dimensions of time and space, in which the quest of records. Coackley’s definition: Sport is a distinctive social activity that is frequently the basis of a persons social identity. Pitts, Fielding and Millers Defition is on the book New Age Sports Several non-traditional sporting activities have evolved during the 21 st century Sporting events that are done outdoors Sport Management Skills to develop Planning- coach, organization Organizing- tournament director Directing- AD,GM, or CEO Coordinating – event manager Controlling – game officials Budgeting – business manager, CFO Leading - Marketing director Evaluating – Scouts, academic counselor IF YOU GOT TWO PAGES DO NOT PUT IT ALL DOWN TO ONE PAGE DON’T TELL ME WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TELL ME HOW WELL YOU HAVE DONE IT!
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AutoRecovery save of SPM 205 NOTES - SPM 205 NOTES The key...

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