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Nick Pulis SPM 205 11/07/11 Extra-Credit Penn State Dilemma Someone once said that all publicity is good publicity, however in the case of the latest Penn State scandal this saying has been proven false. Penn State is in a great amount of trouble due to recent allegations stating Jerry Sandusky has been sexually abusing children over the course of the last 15 years. If I were a part of the Penn State athletic apartment, and were in charge of correcting the problem at hand, there would be several immediate and long-term decisions I would make to ensure the prominence of the program. There are several immediate actions that must be done to make sure that the Penn State athletic department, especially football, is not degraded. I would begin my efforts by reporting to the NCAA and the Big Ten. I would explain the situation at hand and more importantly what we as an athletic program plan on doing to keep the matters from going to far. I believe this is very important because as an athletic program you must represent the NCAA and your conference to the highest degree that you can. If you cannot uphold a good reputation than there are great repercussions. Once I have the NCAA and Big Ten understanding the situation I would then address the media. I would report the situation as it happened and tell the media as much as then need to be told without telling them information that is not necessary. I believe that the more you give the media to work with the more they can exploit you and make you look like a bad
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BigExtraCredit - Nick Pulis SPM 205 11/07/11 Extra-Credit...

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