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Unformatted text preview: SPM 205 Fall `10 Sport & Entertainment Sport in America Sport as a social institution in the U.S. projects an influence amongst people of all ages that span generations; social demographic levels; ethnicity; and origin of background. What other social elements of our culture has created what amounts to a national holiday on Super Bowl Sunday? Is allotted several pages in the daily newspaper? Has its own sportspecific television channels (golf, tennis, etc.), as well as local regional and national sports and entertainment channels/networks? Creates a national withdrawal when members of its workforce go on strike? Can even aid in the aftermath of a national crisis such as the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks or the War in Iraq? Sociological and Cultural Aspects of Sport To fully understand and appreciate sport, you must comprehend the social and cultural implications of sporting events. Sport industry consists of four major elements: 1. Consumers of sport these three elements consume sports products. a. Spectators who observe sporting events. b. Participants who take part in sporting events/activities. Sport Entities c. Sponsors who exchange money or product for the right to be associated with a sporting event. d. Media mass communication mediums that cover sporting events, sport personalities and sport products. Sport Industry Elements 2. Sports products a good, service or any combination of the two that is designed to provide benefits to a sports consumer. Sport Products The primary sports product consumed by sponsors and spectators is the sporting event itself. a. b. c. d. Products related to the event are athletes like Derek Jeter, LeBron James or Tiger Woods; coaches like Phil Jackson or Bobby Knight; and arenas like the Staples Center or Fenway Park. Other categories of sports products common to the sports industry include sporting goods (equipment, apparel, shoes, licensed merchandise, collectibles and memorabilia) Personal training services (fitness centers, sports camps) Sports information (news, cable channels, magazines, websites) e. f. Sport Products 3. Producers and intermediaries Producers include those organizations or individuals that help manufacture the sporting event such as: a. b. c. Owners Sanctioning bodies (USOC, NCAA, NASCAR) Sports equipment manufacturers (NIKE, Rawlings, Wilson) Sport Industry Elements Intermediaries bring the sport to the end user of the sports product. This includes: a. b. c. Sponsors The media Agents A sport takes us away from our daily routine and gives us pleasure. ENTERTAINMENT is also defined as something diverting or engaging. (Watching a movie, listening to a concert or watching the Super Bowl are all forms of entertainment.) Sports vs. Entertainment What separates sports from other more traditional forms of entertainment? What Makes Sport Unique? 1. Sport is Spontaneous. It isn't scripted. The audience has no control over the event. You attend a comedy show to laugh. You attend a horror movie to be scared. When you watch a sporting event, you may experience several emotions. (Frustration, anger, jubilation, exhilaration, excitement, agony, enjoyment.) Differences between Sport & Entertainment 2. A sport is live drama there is no known outcome and is completely unpredictable. A sport incorporates other facets of entertainment. Music Fashion Technology (Internet, live stats, broadcasts reaching any fan worldwide.) Video (video boards) Celebrities endorsing teams, sports products. Athletes pursuing careers in broadcasting, acting, etc. Sports and Entertainment "ACTORS WANT TO BE ATHLETES, ATHLETES WANT TO BE ACTORS, AND ALL OF THEM WANT TO BE ROCK STARS!" Neal Scarbrough, VP & Editor in Chief, Emergence of Crossover Media Sport media has devoted new formats to cover the crossover between sports and entertainment. It is attempting to reach more nontraditional sports fans that have less interest in the games themselves. Will profile high school and college careers of movie stars, musicians and other celebs. Sport & Entertainment Programming ESPN Television debuted show, "ESPN Hollywood," profiling athletes and their lifestyles and ties to the entertainment world, celebrities, etc. ESPN's 30 on 30 documentary series; HBO Sports "Hard Knocks." Sport & Entertainment Programming ESPN and numerous regional sports television networks have developed several successful programming elements such as: Made for TV docudramas "ESPN's "The Bronx is Burning" (eightweek prime time show) "3" The Dale Earnhardt Story" YES Network's Emmy award winning shows, "Kids on Deck" and "Ultimate Road Trip" Radio sports talk shows crossing over to TV ("Mike & Mike in the Morning"; "Mike & the Mad Dog") Sports & Entertainment Nonathletes are being signed to push athletic apparel and the sports business press is scrutinizing entertainer's wardrobes. Sports & Entertainment This has been spurred by the growing use of: a. major sport apparel companies such as NIKE, Starter, Reebok, et al, branding musicians as endorsers; b. and the increasing sophistication of music events orchestrated by the major sports leagues, or sporting events such as such as the Super Bowl, NBA AllStar Game, NASCAR, etc., WHY? WHY? Because the World is Watching!!!! Super Bowl & Entertainment The NFL and associated sports media and entertainment entities developed new formats to cover the crossover between sports and entertainment. By attracting more nontraditional football fans that have less interest in the actual game the popularity of the Super Bowl was greatly enhanced. Super Bowl Entertainment Music, entertainment and perpetual action are incorporated into the Super Bowl because the cultural and social dynamics of such a diverse audience often need to be reinforced with continual stimulation. Super Bowl Entertainment Competition to perform at the Super Bowl is immense. It's far more profitable for musical artists to sing the National Anthem and perform before a worldwide audience because sales of their music skyrocket following a Super Bowl appearance. Super Bowl Entertainment It's a status symbol to be selected to perform before a worldwide audience many viewers of which are non traditional listeners of their music but become exposed to the music and the culture through sports. Super Bowl Entertainment The Super Bowl typically appeals to a multitude of niche audiences with diversity of performers to reach nearly every audience interest Celine Dion, Carlos Santana, Beyonce, Michelle Branch, Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain, Paul McCartney, Usher, Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones and Black Eyed Peas. Super Bowl Entertainment Many spectators are intrigued and drawn to the Super Bowl based on the cultural and lifestyle aspects of the event as much as the competition itself. These fans are less concerned with the actual results or outcome of the athletic competition. Super Bowl Entertainment This leads to the cultivation and creation of lucrative sponsorship deals whereby sports and culture develop a synergy between specific products and the targeted sports fans following a particular sport. has to music and fashion are very direct. The cultural links that the Super Bowl Super Bowl `93 Super Bowl at the Rose Bowl forever changed halftime entertainment. Produced by Radio City and Don Mischer Productions, a spectacular performance featuring Michael Jackson increased TV ratings more than the game itself. From `93 on, there was a deliberate attempt to attract "Alist" performers to perform at halftime and attract larger audiences. Super Bowl The most infamous Super Bowl halftime show took place in Houston in 2004, when an MTVproduced performance featuring Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake ended with Jackson's bared breast being exposed to 90million viewers! Sports and Entertainment Celebrity entertainers have also become owners of sport franchises. a. Jon Bon Jovi was the principle owner of the Arena Football League franchise in Philadelphia b. Hip Hop star JayZ is a major player in trying to relocate the NJ Nets to Brooklyn Sport & Entertainment NASCAR rolled out its first theme music new medley of musical sounds instead of revving engines and squealing tires. The theme is merely one facet of a concerted effort to pull popular music into sport and push stock car racing into mainstream pop culture. Sport & Entertainment THIS HELPS TO BROADEN THE FAN BASE AND ENHANCE THE EXISTING FANS' EXPERIENCE WITH THE EVENT ESPECIALLY SINCE MARKETERS CANNOT CONTROL THE EVENT ACTION. Television networks buy sports rights as vehicles to draw large audiences to the prime time lineups that pay their bills and fuel profitability. CBS used NFL football as a leadin to its news show "60 Minutes," which for a number of years was the toprated weekly program. Sports & Entertainment ABC took the NFL and plugged it directly into weeknight programming. "Monday Night Football" became the longest running primetime sports series in TV history, spanning 36 years! Fox Television parlayed the success of outbidding the NFL rights from NBC Sports and used "The NFL on Fox" as a leadin to the "The Simpsons." The result? "The Simpsons" is now the longest running primetime animated TV series ever. Sports & Entertainment Each year, a network will debut or popularize a new series that follows the Super Bowl telecast, trying the capture the extra millions of viewers from the football game. Action sports such as skate, bike and snowboard competitions, often provide an continual combination of entertainment and sport. Total Fan Experience Prior to the more recent emergence of action sports, lifestyle sports like surfing and beach volleyball created events built around knowing the lifestyle of their audience. Managers and promoters of these sports created "events" that featured music and various forms of pop culture to draw casual fans. So are the corporate ties, since these sports often target teens and 20somethings. action are incorporated into the event because this crowd often needs to be reinforced with continual stimulation. Music, entertainment and perpetual Sports & Entertainment In a sense, this merger between sports and entertainment has created "sensory marketing events." It's a music video and video game generation that's coming to many professional events now. It's fog, special light shows and an avalanche of sound that starts in the pregame, continues through player introductions and during every nonplaying minute possible throughout an athletic competition. It's an event not a game! Society has changed a great deal over the past three decades. Sports doesn't compete against sports as it once did. It competes with sophisticated video games, Xboxes, iPods, and a day at the beach. "The good news is that sports . . . continues to remain the best form of reality TV!" Arlen Kantarian, executive director, USTA ...
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