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Nick Pulis SPM Extra Credit 9/19/11 Without management the sport industry would not be anything. Sport organizations and employees would not be able to complete everyday tasks without management. Every sport organization in the world has a management team. If one can develop the skills needed in sport management prosperity it surely in store. Brandon Steiner is the founder of Steiner Sports Marketing. A graduate from Syracuse University he owns the largest sports collectible company in America. Steiner has multiple partnerships with professional sports teams such as the Yankees, the Red Sox, and the Dallas Cowboys to name a few. Steiner was able to get where he is today
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Unformatted text preview: because of his great ability to manage a company. The skills he has developed over the year such as being able to negotiate and market himself and his company led him to where he is today. Steiner is very involved in the media, which allows him to market himself much more as well. Syracuse University is very proud to have Steiner as a part of his alumni. Steiner consistently contributes to Syracuse University and this includes the annual collectibles auction that the Sport Management school put on each and every year. Today, Steiner continues to prosper and it was only because of his ability to manage not only his own career, but an entire company....
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