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Nick Pulis SPM - athletes are suppose to be role models for...

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Nick Pulis SPM 205 Extra – Credit Governance and structure is very important for every professional sport leagues in the world. Without governance there is no way for any of the rules and regulations to be enforced. In addition, without governance there would be no way for new rules to be enforced. Leagues such as the MLB are constantly making small rules to ensure the protection of the players and the leagues image in general. Recently, it has been announced that the MLB may put an end to tobacco products in the MLB. The major reason for this extinction would be because these major league
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Unformatted text preview: athletes are suppose to be role models for the children watching the games. If they see these players constantly chewing tobacco they are also going to think it is okay to do so. I believe that this would be a good rule to enforce. I believe that the MLB should make a rule that states that no tobacco product can be used in the field of play. This allows players for some areas where the product is allowed such as the clubhouse. The MLB will have many meetings in the next couple months to determine if this rule will come into play....
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