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Nick Pulis SPM 205 Extra-Credit Entertainment in sports has revolutionized every major sporting event that the United States of America has to offer. Games such as the Super Bowl and the World Series benefit tremendously from entertainment. Each and every day the entertainment merges with the sporting world. Today, it has even gotten to the level here professional sports teams and building entertainment venues across from their own arenas to develop revenue. A recently article says that the Orlando Magic will invest 100 million in the new entertainment venue. The reason for doing this would not only ensure a home for the
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Unformatted text preview: Orlando Magic in upcoming years but it would also make it so more jobs will be created. The article states that approximately 300 jobs will be created by the development of the project. The Orlando Magic sporting events will also become more appealing to fans because of additional benefits like better quality of parking. The Magic investing in the new entertainment arenas pushes the barrier of sports and entertainment even farther and allows for great prosperity not only for the Magic but the city of Orlando as a whole....
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