SPM 215 - Selling and distribution channels Sport B to C...

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SPM 215: Principal of Sales in Sport Notes Monday January 23, 2012: Wk02-D01 Quick Review – This is the stuff that will be on the test Contact Management – CM. Customer Relationship Management Characteristics of a Successful Salesperson Ability To listen Can see a big picture Presentation Patience Confidence “Go-to-market” strategies -Lifetime customer value - Multichannel strategy -Sales-force intensive organizations -Integrated marketing communications Four Basic Ways of “Go To Marketing” Advertising/Sales Promotion Paid/Impersonal Personal Selling/Email Personal/Paid Publicity Impersonal/unpaid Word of Mouth Impersonal/unpaid Sales people time management pie Marketing Distribution (Place) Distribution channel- is a set or a way to get the product from the manufacturers to the consumer Sport B To B (Business to Business) Syracuse University and IMG
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Unformatted text preview: Selling and distribution channels Sport B to C Business to Consumer Dome - Salesperson Nike (Distribution) Shirt Agent a person acts as a representative of a firm or individual Advertising Agencies and Marketing Service agencies Advertising Many different kinds of channels and consumers 5 sakes methods to sell a product Over-The-Counter Selling Field Setting Inside Selling Telemarketing Online selling The Sales Process Prospecting and qualifying Approach Presentation Demonstration Handling objectives Closing Follow up Wednesday 25, 2012 w02-d01 Review Monday 28, 2012 Sales Course.com and ticket master readings. Copy of the opportunity plan Last class review Selling process, Sales letter slide online...
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SPM 215 - Selling and distribution channels Sport B to C...

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