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Nick Pulis SPM 205 Essay 11/25/11 Sport is the combination of many criteria that are brought together to develop one of the world’s greatest entertainment entities. One aspect of sport that is under appreciated in the world today is sport management and marketing agencies. There are four types of sport management and marketing agencies; they are full-service agencies, general agencies, specialty agencies, and in-house agencies. Each and every one of these agencies have specific companies, clients, events, and success that make them unique from one another. Full service agencies can simply be known as “the big guys.” Full service agencies are agencies that take their clients and make sure that every aspect of their company or life is completely taken care of. Full service agencies provide the full range of services performed by in-house personnel. There are many full-service agencies out there that do a great job in completely satisfying their clients. Companies such as IMG and Octagon Worldwide are leaders in the industry; however there are many other agencies such as Schulte Sports that do a terrific job with their clients. Schulte Sports Inc. is a full service sports marketing and public relations agency that places an emphasis on sports marketing representation, corporate and non-profit branding, national and regional media relations and strategic social networking. In addition Schulte Sports has made a great effort to develop an online website to increase their overall revenue income by creating an online auction of sports memorabilia. These are Schulte Sports primary objectives and so far they have done a wonderful job in completing them.
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Ray Schulte created Schulte Sports Inc. in 1984 in New York City. The agency started off representing a couple of athletes in the New York City area. Today, Schulte Sports Inc. is considered by many to be a global powerhouse. In the past Schulte Sports has represented people such as Larry Brown and Josh Gibson. Today, this agency represents The National Sports Collectors Convention, Mattingly Charities, current Los Angeles Dodgers manager, Don Mattingly, current Baltimore Orioles manager, Buck Showalter, former 1968 USA Olympic Gold Medalist, Dick Fosbury, former New York Ranger great and NHL HOF’er, Rod Gilbert and current Washington Capitals head coach, Bruce Boudreau. The wide variety of clients allows Schulte Sports to succeed in the many objectives as a company. Specifically, the National Sports Collectors Convention help with the online sports auction that creates great success for the agency. Some sponsors for the industry include the Josh Gibson Foundation and Comcast SportsNET. One event that Schulte Sports Inc. would represent would be a large memorabilia
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SPM Paper - Nick Pulis SPM 205 Essay 11/25/11 Sport is the...

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