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EE 330 Exam 1 Fall 2009

EE 330 Exam 1 Fall 2009 - EE 330 Exam 1 Fall 2009 Name...

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EE 330 Name_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Exam 1 Fall 2009 Instructions: Students may bring 1 page of notes (front and back) to this exam. There are 8 questions and 6 problems. The points allocated to each question and each problem are as indicated. Please solve problems in the space provided on this exam and attach extra sheets only if you run out of space in solving a specific problem. If references semiconductor processes are needed beyond what is given in a specific problem or question, assume a CMOS process is available with the following key process parameters; μ n C OX =100 μ A/v 2 p C OX = μ n C OX /3 ,V TNO =0.5V, V TPO = - 0.5V, C OX =2fF/ μ 2 , λ = 0, and γ = 0. If reference to a bipolar process is made, assume this process has key process parameters J S =10 -15 A/ μ 2 , β =100 and V AF = . If reference to a diode is made, assume the process parameter J S =10 -17 A/ μ 2 . If any other process parameters are needed, use the process parameters associated with the process described on the attachment to this exam. Specify clearly what process parameters you are using in any solution requiring process parameters. 1. (2pts) A section of the periodic table that shows most of the key materials used in semiconductor devices is shown. List two materials that can be used for impurities to form an n-type region in single-crystal silicon. Page 1 of 9
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2. (2pts) When the gate to source voltage of an n-channel MOSFET exceeds the threshold voltage, a special conductive layer is formed in the channel just under the gate oxide. There is a special name for this special conductive layer. What is it?
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EE 330 Exam 1 Fall 2009 - EE 330 Exam 1 Fall 2009 Name...

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