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EE 330 Lab 4 Spring 2011 Prelab

EE 330 Lab 4 Spring 2011 Prelab - function assigned to you...

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Last Updated: 1/26/2011 EE 330 Section: __________ Name: ____________________________ Pre-Lab for Lab 4: From Boolean Function to Silicon 1) Draw the layout for your inverter and the other gate you chose (3-input NAND or NOR) 2) Attach the hand-drawn gate level implementation of the assigned Boolean function that uses only the allowed gates (3-input NAND or NOR, Inverter). 3) Attach proof that demonstrates the correctness of the gate level Boolean function of step 2. This can be done by hand by applying all 16 possible inputs and building a truth table for your circuit. Alternatively, you can use any other tool of your choice to build the truth table. Compare the truth table of your implementation with the truth table of the
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Unformatted text preview: function assigned to you. 4) At the start of the lab, you will enter the top level schematic in Cadence and then test it by applying A, B, C, and D waveforms. What would those input stimuli be in order to exercise all combinations of the inputs? Draw a simple figure that shows the pulse width, period. etc., of each input waveform. What output waveform do you expect? 5) Write the names of the colleague you are collaborating with and the gates you are exchanging: Name of the colleague Gate you will provide Gate you will obtain Name of colleague Gate you will provide Gate you will obtain...
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