EE 330 Lab 7 Fall 2010

EE 330 Lab 7 Fall 2010 - EE 330 Laboraory 7 MOSFET Device...

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EE 330 Laboraory 7 MOSFET Device Characterization and Applications Fall 2010 Objective: The objective of this laboratory experiment is to become more familiar with the operation of the MOS transistor, to develop methods for measuring key parameters of the transistor, and to investigate some basic applications of the device. Components Needed: MOSFET transistors (MC14007 array), operational amplifier and resistors. Background: Although MOS transistors are widely used in the design of very large and complex systems that incorporate thousands or millions of transistors or even up to about 1 billion transistors today, discrete MOS transistors are seldom used and, as such, it is difficult to do experimental work with MOS transistors in the laboratory with state of the art transistors. In this experiment we will work with a set of MOS transistors available in the MC4007 transistor array. Although these devices are large and fabricated in a process with a metal gate rather than a polysilicon gate, the low frequency properties are indicative of that seen in smaller feature size transistors. Caution: MOS chips are very sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD) and can be destroyed by improper handling. The MC14007 array should come in conducting foam or some other form of conducting IC carrier. Keep it in this carrier when not in use. Never store these parts in Styrofoam or other non-conducting containers unless the leads are covered with a conducting medium. Always use a protective grounding strap (sometimes termed “wrist bracelet”) when touching these devices or the circuit to which they are connected.
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EE 330 Lab 7 Fall 2010 - EE 330 Laboraory 7 MOSFET Device...

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