EE 435 Exam 1 Spring 2006

EE 435 Exam 1 Spring 2006 - 1 EE 435 Exam 1 Spring 2006...

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1 EE 435 Name________________________ Exam 1 Spring 2006 Instructions: You may use up to 2 pages of notes for this exam. All work should be included on this exam – attach additional pages only if more space is needed. There are 10 short questions worth 2 pts each. All problems are weighted equally. On those problems that need technology parameters, assume you are working in a 0.5u CMOS process with process with µ n C OX =100 µ A/v 2 p C OX =30 µ A/v 2 ,V TNO =0.8V, V TPO = - 0.8V, C OX = =2fF/ µ 2 , λ = 0.01v -1 , γ = 0, Cbdbot = 0.5fF/ µ 2 , and Cbdsw = 2.5fF/ µ . Question 1 What is the approximate power you would expect to require for designing an op amp with a 5V supply, a GB of 50MHz, and a capacitive load of 5pF? Question 2 Folded op amp architectures offer one major advantage compared to non- folded structures and one major disadvantage. What is the major advantage? What is the major disadvantage? Question 3 What is the major potential problem about imperfect pole-zero compensation in an open-loop amplifier? Question 4 How do the open-loop zeros and the closed-loop zeros of an amplifier compare? Question 5 Although phase margin criteria are widely used when compensating operational amplifiers, there is a key issue that phase margin criteria misses. What is that? Question 6 If a current-mirror connection is used for the counterpart circuit in an operational amplifier, the need for a CMFB circuit is usually eliminated. In addition to eliminating the CMFB circuit, some important performance parameters improve. Which parameters are these and how much improvement is generally achieved?
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2 Question 6 If an operational amplifier has a gain function with two poles and no
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EE 435 Exam 1 Spring 2006 - 1 EE 435 Exam 1 Spring 2006...

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