EE 435 Final Exam Spring 2006

EE 435 Final Exam Spring 2006 - 1 EE 435 Final Exam Spring...

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1 EE 435 Name________________________ Final Exam Spring 2006 Instructions: This is an open-book, open-notes exam. All work should be included on this exam – attach additional pages only if more space is needed. There are 10 short questions worth 2 pts each. All problems are weighted equally. On those problems that need technology parameters, assume you are working in a 0.5u CMOS process with process with µ n C OX =100 µ A/v 2 p C OX =30 µ A/v 2 ,V TNO =0.8V, V TPO = - 0.8V, C OX = =2fF/ µ 2 , λ = 0.01v -1 , γ = 0, Cbdbot = 0.5fF/ µ 2 , and Cbdsw = 2.5fF/ µ . Question 1 What are the two major benefits of limiting the swing and steering currents rather than doing hard switching of currents in current steering DACs? Question 2 What is the major reason that the Miller compensation is used rather than connecting a single capacitor to ground when establishing the dominant pole on the output node of the first stage in a two-stage op amp? Question 3 Why are three or more stages seldom used for gain enhancement when designing op amps? Question 4 What are the two biggest challenges associated with designing R-2R DACs? Question 5,6 (counts as two questions) What is the RMS noise voltage in the frequency range from 20Hz to 20KHz in a 10K resistor? Question 7 What are the two major reasons fully-differential op amps are often used rather than op amps with single-ended outputs?
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2 Question 8 The concept of a switched capacitor being equivalent to a resistor has been known for over a century yet the concept of using a switched capacitor in an integrated circuit did not evolve until the late 1970s. What were the two major reasons the switched capacitor is useful for building audio frequency filters? Question 9
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EE 435 Final Exam Spring 2006 - 1 EE 435 Final Exam Spring...

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