EE 435 Lab 4 Spring 2009

EE 435 Lab 4 Spring 2009 - the n-channel input devices...

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EE435 Lab 4 Spring 2009 Telescopic Amplifier Design Single-Ended 1. Design a single-ended telescopic amplifier having V eb = 0.2 V on all devices and I tail = 1 mA. Do this for both n-channel inputs and p- channel inputs. Assume the amplifier needs to drive a 500fF load. 2. Analytically predict the gain , the bandwidth , the input and output signal swing of your amplifier , and then verify them by simulation. Compare the performance of the p-channel inut devices with that of
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Unformatted text preview: the n-channel input devices. Differential Design a similar amplifier except in differential mode. Remember that you will need a common-mode feedback circuit . Restrict this to n-channel inuts. Repeat Part 2 above for the differential amplifier. Formal Report 1. Design approach, Equations, Assumptions. 2. Schematics and Layouts. 3. Simulations for both the schematic and extracted views. 4. Concluding remarks....
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