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Business Administration 305O Quantitative Methods for Business 3 Semester Hours Spring 2012 January 6 th – May 3 rd , 2012 Bret A. Kindler Adjunct Faculty Cell: (704) 477-0520 Email: [email protected] ; [email protected] Due to the online nature of this class, I can meet via chat sessions, phone calls, etc. I do not have an office at GWU. PURPOSE OF THE COURSE The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with basic concepts and applications of mathematical methods used in modern business, within a Christian ethical context. Taylor, Bernard W., Introduction to Management Science, Prentice Hall, Inc. (10 th Ed.) Custom Edition. ISBN: 978-0-558-26751-3 NOTE: Prior editions of this text will work, but problem numbers do not line up exactly. QM for Windows v2.2, Included with text. Runs inside Microsoft Excel. CLASS POLICIES AND REGULATIONS ACADEMIC DISHONESTY Students are expected to be familiar with university guidelines and standards for academic honesty. Make certain you are familiar with statements in the catalog related to academic dishonesty and plagiarism. Academic dishonesty will be prosecuted and may result in a failing grade for the course. ATTENDANCE Due to the nature of an online class, face to face meetings will not occur. Gardner Webb attendance policy states that each student will attend at least 75% of the class meetings. Each week there is specific work to be completed, and as such, the on-time completion of this work will be used to determine attendance. All work (Chapter problems and Exams) is required to be completed. Any late work will do two things: 1. Reduce the score of the work. 2. Count as an absence from the class.
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2 If there are extenuating circumstances preventing the completion of homework by a due date, it is the responsibility of the student to contact me of such condition before the due date to avoid consequence. STATEMENT OF DISABILITIES
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Syllabus - Business Administration 305O Quantitative...

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