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Course Instructions BAD 300 - LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS...

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LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS BAD 300O - Online Course COURSE INSTRUCTIONS SPRING 2012 These are instructions for administration of the online course for Legal Environment of Business, BAD 300O: 1. Required Equipment and Access To successfully complete this course, you will need regular and reliable access to the internet and to email. You will need to be set up to access MyWebb through the GWU portal for online classes. You will need reliable access to the publisher's website for the course text. In addition there may be some assignments which will require you to access websites related to course material as a part of your study and course submissions. The textbook as identified in the syllabus is essential for successful completion of this course, which book may be obtained from the GWU bookstore. Submission of work will be in two forms. The publisher's website is interactive, and will require submissions for grading and evaluation. The rest of your submissions will be by email directly to me. Type or paste all submissions directly into the email message. DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS . All work and correspondence for this course will use the following dedicated email address: The only computer at which this course will be administered uses that address. Correspondence to any other email address will delay matters since the data for the course will not be available. If you make any contact about this course, use the above address. You cannot email to the course email address from within Blackboard. You must do so from your regular email site. GWU Email Address: your GWU email address is used for all official communication from Gardner-Webb University to you. It is essential that you regularly check your GWU email. Most messages I initiate to you will be to your GWU email address. 2. The Publisher's Interactive Website The course will use an interactive website from the publisher for online study exercises. The site for the exercises is: Toward the top of the webpage you will see a banner which has selections for Home, TOC (table of contents), and Select Chapter. Click on Chapter 1, and you will be taken to a page for chapter 1 with a frame on the left of the page with several links available to students. Chapter Objective appear first, and you also can access PowerPoint slides, both of which may be helpful to you in your study of the course material. There also is a link to enter your profile information which will assist in sending assignments for the course. In addition to your name and email address, enter "Graham" as the instructor and the course email address, which is In the profile, please check the box to send quiz results to yourself and to me. Leave the selection to send messages as plain text. Each time you do a quiz, you will have the results emailed to me and to you. Each semester assignments are sent to me which never arrive. This will allow you to forward to me your copy of the assignment. The main assignment for each of these chapter pages is to do the self-study quizzes, which are discussed in the
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Course Instructions BAD 300 - LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS...

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