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SYLLABUS Business Administration 300O Legal Environment of Business 3 Semester Hours Spring 2012 Van Graham Gardner-Webb University Hamrick Hall Office No. 311 Office Phone: 704-406-4379 e-mail: PURPOSE OF THE COURSE The purpose of this course is to give the student an understanding of the legal environment impacting business and how it affects the decision-making process. TEXT The Legal Environment of Business and Online Commerce , 6ed, Cheeseman, Prentice Hall, 2010 (ISBN 9780136085683). CLASS POLICIES AND REGULATIONS ACADEMIC HONESTY Students are expected to be familiar with university guidelines and standards for academic honesty. Make certain you are familiar with statements in the catalog related to academic dishonesty and plagiarism. Academic dishonesty will be prosecuted and will result in a failing grade for the course. Possession of or traffic in copies of anything from any prior exam in this course is academic dishonesty. Please do not have in your possession or at any time refer to anything from any copy of any prior exam for this course. ATTENDANCE Regular class attendance is an important student obligation. Students are responsible for all course work conducted in class meetings whether or not they are present. The physical presence of students is required in class for at least 75% of class meetings. Attendance is counted from the first scheduled class meeting. Failure to meet this attendance requirement will result in loss of credit for the course and a grade of “@F” will be recorded on a student’s transcript. Students are responsible for knowing the number of absences that they accumulate. Absence from class does not excuse the student from responsibility for class work. Absences because of required university-sponsored activities are counted the same as other absences for the 75% attendance policy. Online Attendance Requirements: The submission of assignments in accordance with the course schedule is "attendance" for purposes of the attendance policy. Timely submission of the assignments is critical to the student's success in this course. Any assignment deadline missed is the equivalent of an unexcused absence. A student must "attend" at least 75% of scheduled classes in order to receive credit for that class; thus, unless
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otherwise excused by the instructor, being more than FIVE CHAPTERS behind in scheduled assignments will result in a grade of @F. STATEMENT ON DISABILITIES Students with recognized disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) who wish to request accommodations in this class, should do the following: (1) register with the Noel Program for the Disabled at GWU (704-406-4270); and (2) educate me about your disability so that I can work with you and the Noel Program to arrange necessary accommodations. It is important that you take both of these steps no later than the first week of the semester. . ADDITIONS, CORRECTIONS, AND CHANGES
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Syllabus BAD 300 - SYLLABUS Business Administration 300O...

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