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The American Poetry or Prose Project WHAT: A 1,000-word, critical essay about an American poem or story. DUE: Various dates, as determined by your author’s Learning Module. Essay is due by the conclusion of your author’s Learning Module. Late essay will lose points equal to at least one letter grade. ESSAY: Students will select a poem or story from the Master Reading Schedule and write a critical essay concerning that text. Typical essay structure includes an introduction to the text (which can contain author biography as it relates directly to the composition of that text), information about the text’s corresponding literary movement, as well as sufficient explication of the selected text. The essay should contain any appropriate discussion of pertinent poetic or narrative devices. The essay must conform to proper MLA documentation, including a Works Cited page. You should have at least three academic sources . Typically, web sites accessed through Google are not academic sources. You should use Gardner-Webb University’s Dover Library
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