Syllabus - ENGLISH 332-O SPRING 2012 Dr Chris Davis...

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ENGLISH 332-O SPRING 2012 Dr. Chris Davis 704.406.3224 (Office) 704.692.8605 (Cell) 704.434.4920 (Home) Email: Use the Blackboard Email; use [email protected] for emergencies only FAX 704.406-2138 Course Description: A survey of American literature from approximately 1865 to the present. Students will read and interact with literary texts of various genres that illustrate major and minor movements in the development of American literature. The course content will be presented as separate Learning Modules that translate into one approximately one week of academic work each. Required Materials: The Heath Anthology of American Literature: 1865 to the Present , 6 th Edition, by Lauter, et al. Grading Scale: A 96%-100% (960 – 1,000 points) A- 94-95 (940 – 959 points) B+ 92-93 (920 – 939 points) B 88-91 (880 – 919 points) B- 86-87 (860 – 879 points) C+ 84-85 (840 – 859 points) C 80-83 (800 – 839 points) C- 78-79 (780 – 799 points) D+ 76-77 (760 – 779 points) D 72-75 (720 – 759 points) D- 70-71 (700 – 719 points) F less than 70% (699-0 points) Course Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes General Education Competencies for the Dimension of Humanities: o Students will develop skills in formulating well-organized thoughts for the purpose of effective communication. o Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze written, oral, or visual forms of communication and create appropriate responses. o Students will compare and contrast intra- and intercultural realities to cultivate attributes necessary for adapting to and functioning in a globalized world. o Students will develop skills in effective research using traditional and technology-based research methods. Specific Course Objectives: o To develop an appreciation for significant texts in literature. o To become acquainted with the ideas, concepts, and experiences of the American people. o To contextualize American literature socially, culturally, and historically. o To develop critical and analytical ability in reference to poetry and prose. o To practice writing clearly and cogently about American literature. Course Assignments and Requirements Your grade will be based on the following components (1,000 total points). See a full description of each component following these bulleted descriptions: o Fourteen Graded Learning Modules (40 points per module for 560 total points, or 56% of your total grade) o American Poetry or Prose Project (200 total points, or 20% of your total grade)
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o Final Examination (200 points, or 20% of your total grade) o Participation Bonus (40 points, or 4% of your total grade) Fourteen Graded Learning Modules You can access each Learning Module through the Learning Modules tab on the Course Menu along the left side of your screen. Each Learning Module will contain links to the Reading Quiz, Discussion Board Answers, and Module Response. In addition, please look for any additional class notes or links about literature periods or individual authors
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Syllabus - ENGLISH 332-O SPRING 2012 Dr Chris Davis...

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