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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - Can you influence your dreams Yes Red-tinted...

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II. What problems exist? 1) Insomnia : most common. Tied to mental distress: psychiatric patients sleep less than nonpsychiatric patients. a) Sleeping pills : bad solution 2) Narcolepsy : daytime sleep disorder; drop into REM suddenly. 3) Sleep apnea --stop breathing hundreds of times throughout the night and wake up just in time to resume. a) Result: no rest but also do not recall their nighttime awakenings. 4) SIDS : sudden stop in breathing and suffocation. 28-52% due to accidental suffocation. Still unknown 5) Nightmares are frightening dreams in REM Night terror : Stage 4 a) Awake to scream and stay awake in fear for about 30 minutes and not remember the episode the next day. 6) Sleepwalking : NREM; okay to awaken them; usually with children 7) REM disorder : paralysis doesn't work so people may indeed act out their dreams. Very dangerous, drugs may help.
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Unformatted text preview: Can you influence your dreams? Yes: Red-tinted goggles experiment; Subjects report dreaming about a desired personality trait when receiving instructions to try dreaming about that trait. Ever been aware of dreaming while dreaming? --> Lucid Dreams Does everyone dream ? Do blind people dream? Yes, usually not visual Can you remember dreams? Depends on how you wake up. I. Why do people dream? Theories abound A. Process and consolidate information of great personal significance B. Clues about a dreamer's hidden mental processes. Freud Touted as his biggest failure C. Meaningless by-products of REM sleep. Meaningless? Divorced women 19 of 29 depressed. Depressed report dreams of recent past; nondepressed report dreams of recent past, distant past, present, and future....
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Lecture 8 - Can you influence your dreams Yes Red-tinted...

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