Lecture 11

Lecture 11 - I What is Memory Soul Other's memory of you =...

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I. What is Memory? Soul? Other’s memory of you = soul Content? 500 times as much info. as can be found in all the volumes of the encyclopedia Britannica A. Types of Memory What did you have for dinner last night? Episodic = Specific event while present; Are wrenches pets or tools? Semantic = Generalized knowledge of the world that does not require memory of a specific event; How do you ride a bike? Procedural = Complicated sequence of movements that cannot be described adequately with words. Where did you go on your last vacation? Explicit = Process through which people deliberately try to remember something Implicit = Unintentional recall of past experiences; II. Basic Processes 1. Encoding: The process of putting information into memory 1. acoustic codes : represent information as sequences of sounds 2. visual codes : represent stimuli as pictures 3. Semantic codes : meaning helps you to remember. 2. Storage 1. STM: 7 +/- 2 chunks 2. LTM: Limitless 3. Acquisition 1. sensory memory : We are bombarded with stimulus info. Sensory memory serves to bring coherence and continuity to the world. Stores information for only about a second. selective attention : is how we control what information is processed further Two functions of STM: (working memory) 1) Represents the present. It continually constructs and updates a working model of the world and your place in it. 2) Makes it possible for you to think and solve problems.
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Lecture 11 - I What is Memory Soul Other's memory of you =...

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