Lecture 12

Lecture 12 - Measurement Reliability Consistent measurement...

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Measurement Reliability: Consistent measurement E.g., Weight Scale Mental Measurements: SAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT Validity C ontent validity: The extent to which a test samples the behavior that is of interest E.g., Driving test for a driver’s license Predictive validity: The success with which a test predicts the behavior it is designed to predict E.g., SAT scores and college success History Galton Eugenics: Breeding genetic superiority Abject failure Started the movement to quantify mental measurement Binet IQ test Original purpose was to identify children who were not up to speed so that they could get them in some remedial programs. C. Terman and Stern (Stanford University) IQ = Mental age/Chronological age Assumptions Intelligence is a fixed, inheritable entity 1912: Goddard: Identify mentally defective immigrants E.g., “What does a tennis court look like?” (English-only) 83% Jews, 80% Hungarians, 87% Russians, 79% Italians were “feeble minded.” US Army and WWI: Screen out mentally slow recruits Culturally biased 47% showed a mental age of 13 or younger Results: 1) from 1890 to 1915 the mental age of immigrants had declined and, Source of decrease comes from Southern and Eastern Europe 1924: Data were used as “scientific evidence” allowing US Government to limit immigration Used to justify segregation of African-Americans “Imbecile” = Sterilization without knowing and/or against their will. Ever called your roomate a(n): “Borderline?” = 70-80 IQ; “Moron?” = 50-69 IQ; “Imbecile?” = 20-49 IQ; “Idiot?” = <20 IQ Wechsler: Variety of sub-scales Verbal reasoning: What is similar about an apple, orange, and grape?
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Quantitative reasoning: Math problems Abstract/Visual reasoning: Why should someone wear a coat in winter? Working memory
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Lecture 12 - Measurement Reliability Consistent measurement...

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