ThisDariusRucker - Jake Stern ENG112 Major Project#1 This by Darius Rucker The song"This by Darius Rucker is not only my favorite song but because

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Jake Stern ENG112 12/26/2012 Major Project #1 This by Darius Rucker The song “This”, by Darius Rucker, is not only my favorite song, but because the point that is trying to be made is so clear and easy to figure out, this was the perfect song for me to analyze. Like the song “This”, almost every song is created with a meaning behind it. This could be something the author has personally gone through, something they are making up, or something that they hope to do some day. Every song is also targeted towards an audience. Some target audiences may be smaller than others, but is still considered an audience no matter how small or large. The message being sent in this song is not directed towards a specific group of people, but is something that every person can relate to, which is why it is such a special song. Reading and analyzing the lyrics of a song is the best way to fully understand what the artist’s message is. Although this song has very simple lyrics, the first time I listened to “This”, I didn’t understand the message he was trying to get across. Instead of really paying attention to what the lyrics were saying I listened to the music. After listening to the song a couple more times, I began to pay close attention to the lyrics and easily picked up what the artist was trying to say. The entire song is written in first person and the narrator is talking about himself. The first section is entirely about the narrator’s current situation. The first four lines of the song are the narrator talking about what is going on at that exact moment. He is happily married with a newborn baby girl sleeping in his bedroom. The narrator is probably between the ages of twenty-five to thirty-five because he has a newborn baby, but judging that he has a rooftop, he most likely has a house, which means
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he is probably not right out of college. It sounds like he lives a pretty normal life and is a sports fan. Lines five and six are sentences that a multitude of people can relate to. He explains that he doesn’t know exactly how he got to where he is today, but is happy about his current situation. The last two lines of the first section, “and it’s crazy to think that one little thing could have changed all of this” (lines 7-8), are two lines that every single person can relate to. At any given time, something can happen that changes a person’s life for the better or worse. Each day, every person has to make certain decisions that can change their life forever, whether it is to take the job or not take the job to shooting the robber or letting him go. Section two contains two simple, but very meaningful, sentences.
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ThisDariusRucker - Jake Stern ENG112 Major Project#1 This by Darius Rucker The song"This by Darius Rucker is not only my favorite song but because

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