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Jake Stern English 112 Informal Essay #2 Moneyball The movie “Moneyball” directed by Bennett Miller was my favorite movie of 2011 because not only is my favorite sport baseball, but also because being a general manager of a major league baseball team has always been my dream job. This became my dream job once I realized going pro was out of the question, of course. Billy Beane made something of the Oakland A’s when no one thought he could, which is exactly what a general manager is hired to do. The movie did a great job of showing exactly how Billy Beane became so successful as well as the mistakes that he made along the way. Going into this movie, I knew that if I could choose one job it would be a general manager, but I didn’t know how someone would get that job. Moneyball showed me that anything is possible when given
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Unformatted text preview: an opportunity. Billy Beane started off as a struggling baseball player and asked to become a scout for the Oakland As, which means he had no experience running a team prior to becoming the general manager. He succeeded as their scout, and then eventually that led to becoming the general manager. I not only enjoyed the films plot, but I also am a big fan of Jonah Hill, who plays Peter Brand in the film, and Brad Pitt, who plays Billy Beane. I didnt know how I would react to seeing Brad Pitt as a MLB general manager, but he did a fantastic job portraying that roll. Jonah Hill also didnt strike me as someone who could play the role he did, as a smart, serious, baseball geek. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are nominees for best actor and best supporting actor of 2011, which are both well deserved nominations....
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