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inquiry 1 final draft - Jake Stern Inquiry 1 English 111...

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Jake Stern Inquiry 1 English 111 Roommate Selection Picking a roommate freshman year of college is a big decision. Such a big decision can take some persuading by others to help you ultimately decide what to do. I had to decide whether or not to choose a roommate, or have a random roommate assigned to me for my freshman year at Miami University. Being my first year in college, I didn’t know many freshmen coming to Miami, so I wanted a roommate who I could hang out with and enjoy spending time with. I had been thinking about my roommate situation dating back to first semester of my senior year of high school when I got accepted into Miami. Prior to making this decision, I normally didn’t let others personal beliefs interfere with my own, especially when it was as big of a decision as this one was. I preferred to make decisions based on what I believed and didn’t let what others thought effect my decision making process. My sister originally brought up the idea of rooming with her friend Shelby’s brother, Braden, because she knew I was having a hard time deciding what to do. I took it into consideration because, at the time, I had so much time to make a decision. As the end of high school came creeping around the corner, my sister, Jenna, continued to persuade me not to pick a random roommate, but instead to pick her friends brother. I played multiple situations in my head over and over but every time I thought I made a final decision, I started to question myself. What if I didn’t like him? What if he doesn’t want to room with me? I was torn and didn’t know what to do. 1
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I realized I needed to quickly make a final decision before Braden decided what he was going to do. April was coming to an end and so was the school year and I still didn’t have a decision made. Fear of making the wrong decision continuously ate away at me. My sister had been telling me all the upsides of choosing a roommate and not going with a random roommate. She was telling me how a bunch of her friends who were paired with random roommates ended up not liking their roommates and regretted it in the end. Due to the fact that I was very closed minded about the situation, I thought I had my mind set on what I was going to do. I repeatedly told my sister that I would think about it but I never made any progress. One of the reasons for this was throughout high school all I ever heard was whatever you do, don’t room with your friends from high
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inquiry 1 final draft - Jake Stern Inquiry 1 English 111...

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