inquiry 2 final draft 1

inquiry 2 final draft 1 - Jake Stern Inquiry 2 English 111...

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Unformatted text preview: Jake Stern Inquiry 2 English 111 Right Store, Right Price Krogers website seems like your everyday website put together in order to try and sell their products, but behind the scenes, a lot of thought goes into relating to their customers, which ultimately leads to selling as much product as they can. Kroger uses rhetoric to advertise, promote and define their products through logos, pathos, and ethos, in an attempt to create an emotional bond with their customers. Kroger addresses rhetoric through social and physical health tips, interactive games, pictures, text, and promotions. Using these emotional, logical, and ethical appeals, Kroger manages to make their customers feel comfortable when shopping with them. Answering the three categories of audience, purpose, and text, will allow for better understanding in how these appeals are addressed in Krogers website. The first category, audience, focuses on Krogers target audience, or to whom they are directing their website at. Kroger is interested in appealing from everyone who has an influence on what is being bought, to the person actually buying the product. In particular, this website is interested in appealing to teenagers and adults, because they are the ones doing the actual shopping. Kroger is targeting both sexes as well as all races and backgrounds. Their website offers a multitude of articles on staying healthy and eating right. Some articles that Kroger offers include keeping your kids healthy, eating right while pregnant, and ways to keep your pets healthy. This shows their dedication to their customers and, again, proves their target audience to be mainly adults or young adults. Before visiting Krogers website, customers most likely know something about their 1 business, otherwise they wouldnt turn to them for their products. When visiting the website, it is expected that there is easy navigation throughout the entire website, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Kroger has a strictly business to customer relationship in order to sell as many products as they can. In addition to audience, the next category addressed was the purpose of the website. Obviously, the website was created in order to help promote their products, but the strategies used throughout the website are what go unnoticed. First, when visiting this website, Kroger wants their customers to feel comfortable and welcomed. In order to accomplish this, the first rhetoric appeal, pathos, is addressed. Having pictures of smiling customers and employees enjoying their experience at Kroger displays the websites use of pathos, or emotional appeal. For example, a picture of a smiling baby and his mom with the caption, Perfect for your baby. Perfectly priced for you, is a great emotional appeal to mothers of young children.appeal to mothers of young children....
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inquiry 2 final draft 1 - Jake Stern Inquiry 2 English 111...

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