Inquiry 5 - Jake Stern English 111 Henry Njiru Becoming a...

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Jake Stern English 111 Henry Njiru Becoming a Better Persuader No matter how much you practice, writing is something that is extremely difficult to master. I have been writing papers throughout my entire education career and still have much to learn. During my time in ENG 111, I have completed a variety of inquiries intended to demonstrate the importance of rhetoric, research, and analysis. Each inquiry has required something slightly different and built upon the core principles of rhetorical analysis. Throughout this semester in English 111, I have made tremendous strides as a writer that will help me take even bigger steps in years to come. This semester has taught me many things about not only my writing ability, but about myself. If I had to take away one thing from this class, the greatest thing I learned this semester is how to persuade a target audience. Never before have I had to take an argument that has two or three sides and persuade an audience to one side or the other. Throughout this semester I had to do this multiple times for inquiry three and four, which was a great learning experience for me and helped me grow as a writer and as a persuader. I also had to analyze a website and write about it for inquiry two, which is another first for me. This semester was filled with learning experiences for me and will definitely be beneficial in the future. My first public argument essay was inquiry three, in which I argued that universities should provide their students with free online textbooks. I chose this topic because for my entire education career, I have noticed an increase in price every year and have always wondered why and how this problem could be fixed. Inquiry three not only helped me grow as a writer, but it helped me become a better researcher. I have had past
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papers where I had to research arguments, but never have I had to choose ten sources. Finding these sources and reading them helped me better understand where each side was coming from and why they are taking that stance. One of the first things I learned this semester that is going to be very valuable to me in the future is how to start an essay. I originally started my inquiry three with two questions in a row. At the time I thought that would draw the reader into my paper, but after being reviewed multiple times I changed
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Inquiry 5 - Jake Stern English 111 Henry Njiru Becoming a...

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