Chapter 2 Notes

Chapter 2 Notes - Chapter 2 Notes Force=Mass*Acceleration...

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Chapter 2 Notes Force=Mass*Acceleration Acceleration = change in speed or a change in directions of objects movement Work- done on an object, distance traveled times the force in the direction of that displacement. Energy- the capacity to do work. 4 Forms of Energy o Kinetic- work that a body can do by virtue of its motion. o Potential- work an object can do as a result of its relative position, represents stored energy that can be converted to other energy forms o Heat o Electrical Temperature- a measure of the average kinetic energy of a substance Calorie- unit used to measure energy, the energy needed to raise the temp of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius Joule-another unit used to measure energy Power- the rate at which energy is transferred, received, or released. Units for power are Watts (transfer of 1 joule of energy per second) Heat- the energy produced by the random motions of molecules and atoms, the total kinetic energy of a sample of a substance. Also, could be defined as the energy transferred between objects as a result of the temperature difference between them. Specific Heat- a low specific heat means a substance warms and cools easily, a high specific heat means it takes a lot of energy to change the temperature. Methods of Energy Transfer Conduction- the process of heat transfer from molecule to molecule, requires contact, Example: when we touch something to see if it is warm or cold o The ability of a substance to conduct heat by molecular motions is its thermal conductivity (wood has low conductivity, metal has high conductivity). Conduction not efficient for transferring energy on a global scale, only over small distances.
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Chapter 2 Notes - Chapter 2 Notes Force=Mass*Acceleration...

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