Castleman. “The Politics of Graffiti”

Castleman. “The Politics of Graffiti”...

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2.7 Hiphop notes 2.7 Castleman. “The Politics of Graffiti” Taki 183/ profiled in NY Times Importance of NY’s newspapers/media in shaping the perception of graffiti in early 70’s Mayor Johnn Lindsay’s anti-graffiti initiatives beginning in 1972 Association of graffiti with vandalism and quality of life violations/ ‘youth vandals’ (23) Private citizens got involved in what became known as “graffiti war” In one year (1973) over 1500 youth arrested and over 400 sentenced to “a day in the yards scrubbing graffiti” (24) NYC spends a great deal of money and effort at what the writer sees as failed policies (26) Less coverage of graffiti in media after 1975 because of city not wanting to advertise failed policies 1980 coverage of well known graffiti artists: NE, T-Kid, and Seen 1981, Mayor Koch begins his anti-graffiti campaign, including razor wire and security dogs Criticism that policy got rid of more decorative outside murals and graf artists instead
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Castleman. “The Politics of Graffiti”...

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