Hip Hop as a “Culture Industry”

Hip Hop as a “Culture Industry” -...

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4.11 Hip Hop as a “Culture Industry” Adorno & Horkheimer: “The Culture Industry” - Critique of capitalism and governmental impact on cultural production - Believes that the culture industry serves dominant ideologies - Posits high art (thinking, engaged) against mass art (unthinking, passive) - Criticism of the mechanization and mass production of culture - Argues that entertainment and culture have merged at the expense of “art” - Assumes a vast divide between consumers and producers of entertainment - Believes that consumers are “duped” by the culture industry - What is the culture industry? o The business of producing entertainment as mass culture o The mechanization and homogenization of culture through mass production o A tool for the dissemination of dominant ideologies - Product of new technological formations (digital media, consumer production equipment, and merging of large media corporations) - Offers new forums for hip hop to expand audience base - Also provides forums for consumers to become media producers
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Hip Hop as a “Culture Industry” -...

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