Watkins “Producing Ghetto Pictures”

Watkins “Producing Ghetto...

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4.13 Watkins: “Producing Ghetto Pictures” - Importance of “the ghetto” to the national imaginary and cultural landscape - Industries proliferate off the construction of the ghetto and its residents o Films popularity based on “the social and economic dislocation of poor inner city youth” (175) - “Commercial culture emerged as one of the most frequent and visible spaces for circulating claims and counterclaims on the meaning(s) of blackness” (179) o MTV’s shift in programming starting in mid-1980’s as example of “the increased presence and intensification of black bodies across the global popular cultural landscape” (179) - Relationship between hood cinema for “ghetto pictures” and exploitation films - Connection between hood cinema and growth of gangsta rap - Compare marketing strategies of Boyz N the Hood Menace II Society . Hood Cinema: Recurring Features 1. Characters a. Moral center; “America’s worst nightmare”; single moms; out of touch paternal
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Watkins “Producing Ghetto...

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