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Com 222 - Com 222 1/18/12 Continuation from week before...

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Com 222 – 1/18/12 Continuation from week before Four types of propositions o Issue Clash of two claims o fact statement of truth Burden of Proof o He/she who asserts must prove o Lies with accuser or dissatisfied party Through use of evidence o Assumes the risk of the proposition o Never shifts from side to side Always stays with accuser/dissatisfied party Presumption (of innocence) o Status quo will exist unless good and sufficient reasons are presented as to why it should not o Tells which side would prevail if there was an absence of arguments to the contrary o Anti change Who has the obligation to prove what to whom? o Steroid use in major league baseball Does roger Clemens have to prove he didn’t take steroids? No Does the baseball commissioner and the media to prove he did? Yes o Evolution Vs. Intelligent Design Do advocates of “Intelligent Design” have the burden to prove their theory is superior to evolution? Yes due to the fact that evolution as a theory came first Do evolutionists have the burden to disprove intelligent design? No, evolution as a theory came first o Public Smoking Controversy Do nonsmokers have to prove 2 nd hand smoke is harmful? Yes Can Smokers presume there is such a thing as “smoker’s rights”? Yes Types of Presumption o Artificial presumption Assigned by law or social convention Law o Presumption of innoncence until proven guilty in criminal law
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Science o The null hypothesis is presumed to be true unless results of an expirment disprove it Sports o The challenger has to beat the titleholder, not just fight to a draw o Natural Presumption Derived from natural order or divine right Bill of rights o Presumes there are inalienable rights to which all citizens are entitled Human rights o Assumption that all people are entitiled to certain fundamental rights Burden of Rebuttal/Clash o Responsibility for continuing the debate
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Com 222 - Com 222 1/18/12 Continuation from week before...

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