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POS 160 - POS 160 1/19/12 Role Topic of the Day: Rudeness...

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POS 160 – 1/19/12 Role Topic of the Day: Rudeness Lord of the Flies Discussion o Story remains an allegory for the basis of society Shows both early stages of societal build up, then the destruction of it due to contestation of power as well as human nature’s “wille zur macht” Jack epitomizes the power hungry who seek to rule Roger is a symbol for evil, he represents the horrid parts of war that are necessary to achieve power over other o Shown in contestation with jack at various points as well as beginning the strike at Simon, holding the death of piggy in his hands, as well as tormenting the young children for amusement Simon represents both peace and religion, as well as being a Jesus/martyr figure within the book Ralph is the representation of order and successful society as well as democracy Piggy represents the intellectuals of society, those who hold the knowledge to make the world better, but tend to lack the ability to create these changes for society Aspects pertain to modern patriotism and Neorealistic anarchy Simon’s disproving of the beast and murder therefrom shows a link to the myths of a nation o The beastie is a common enemy which unifies the people, and those who do not join in the fight directly against the enemy, becomes part of the enemy Ex. In terms of the United States, Al Qaeda is representative of the beastie, and all those who are like Simon and seek to disprove such ideas, are labeled themselves enemies and terrorists The beastie is also seen as a tool of the power hungry to gain power, using the myth of fear Jack then gains power by portraying strength
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POS 160 - POS 160 1/19/12 Role Topic of the Day: Rudeness...

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