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1 Cao Anthony Cao Asian 366 01/10/12 Week 1 Response 2 – What Determines Migrant Workers’ Life Chances in Contemporary China? Hukou, Social Exclusion, and the Market The main premise of the article focuses on the importance of social exclusion and the market in determining migrant workers’ life chances versus the traditionally argued importance of hukou. The first point that Zhan argues centers on the residential choices of migrant workers. They choose to stay in agricultural areas rather than urban areas, despite the available option to move. Zhan concludes that because migrant workers still choose not to change their hukou status when it is entirely possible to, there must be other, greater determining factors in workers’ life chances. Additionally, the benefits of obtaining urban hukou diminished with the loosening of standards. Zhan then cites Max Weber’s arguments for the importance of exclusion and the market.
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Unformatted text preview: He describes Weber’s theory that those who already own larger shares in the market are able to preserve the existing inequality and exacerbate it. For example, the propertied-class usually wins the price wars in labor markets. Then, two types of boundaries perpetuate exclusion: legal and social. This leads to several significant points of discussion: If there are so many barriers to true movement along social and wealth hierarchies, what can the government do to effectively open up opportunities, such as removing legislation that promotes exclusion in the market? Does the government even have incentives to remove these barriers? Then, socially speaking, should there be active policies or programs to promote greater communication between different social groups (i.e. migrant workers and natives)?...
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