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Week 3 Response 2 - limits its ability to act as an...

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1 Cao Anthony Cao ASIAN 366 01/17/12 Week 3 Response 2 First, the Chan article expresses the concerns, purposes, and faults of the workers unions in China. The unrest that is so prevalent among factory workers has resulted in several dramatic outbursts, from suicides to organized strikes. These events indicate the ways in which labor unions are unable to represent the people. The unions are still seen as useless in truly supporting the people. However, Chan goes on to articulate that the ACFTU is continuing to develop as a union that works for the benefit of workers’ rights, and supports them in a way that workplace unions refuse to do. Next, Feng’s article on union power indicates a similar line of thought. The article highlights the importance and paradox of governmental association with the unions, particularly the ACFTU. The strength of the union lies in its high governmental status, but concurrently
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Unformatted text preview: limits its ability to act as an organization with purposes purely for the people. This notion is further developed through the idea of “associational power”, which current unions lack, where unions are unable to be held accountable to its members. Finally, the unions’ goal must be to further bridge the gap between the ACFTU and workers unions established through companies. These issues lead to several concerning questions. If the government holds so much power, how can the ACFTU and other unions unite to continue providing better conditions for workers? What kind of impact do increased workers’ rights have on China’s economic growth? Why did the Foxconn workers commit suicide as opposed to stand up and stand together as the Honda workers had? What does the globalization of unions mean for China and its workers? For the government?...
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