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1 Cao Anthony Cao ASIAN 366 01/30/12 Week 5 Response 1 The article by Wang summarizes the variety of environmental issues facing China in the present day, including soil erosion, water shortage and pollution, air pollution, deforestation and threatened biodiversity, snow and sandstorms, and floods. All of these factors are described in some detail, and relate back to the cost not only to the well being of people, but also to the well- being of China’s economy. However, there are several, blatant flaws with the reading. First of all, though it is relatively unsubstantial, there are quite a few grammatical errors throughout the article, which are mildly distracting. Then, more importantly, many of the claims about the costs of environmental degradation seem somewhat unfounded. I found that the sweeping claims made by Wang about the huge costs associated with environmental degradation are not properly cited or substantiated by further evidence. Personally, I am a huge fan of putting more
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Unformatted text preview: funding/measures into creating a cleaner environment, but the article fails to provide strong evidence. All things said, after finishing the article, I felt as though I were left asking, “So…how exactly can these intensified measures be implemented?” Why incentive does the government have to slow down industry for the sake of environmental safety? Would the government be willing to cut back for this purpose? What is the government really willing to do if companies do not comply with these measures? Will these harsher restrictions truly be adhered to, or will bribes and inside connections easily rule over these concerns? At least in the past, it has always seemed as though the government and business world of China have worked together hand-in-hand. If they were to be in opposition now, would there be any legitimate change?...
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