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Week 5 Response 2 - the air pollution that far exceeds the...

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1 Cao Anthony Cao ASIAN 366 02/01/12 Week 5 Response 2 Elizabeth C. Economy’s evaluation of China’s environmental situation paints a dark picture. She begins the chapter by first explaining the cause and roots of China’s economic boom. She goes on to elaborate about a wide variety of environmental issues facing China. First, her concern for the huge amount of deforestation provides a direct link to increasing desert land, resulting in larger dust storms. She describes the huge consequences of these storms and deforestation on not only the environment, but also the economy, as cleaning up the mess requires so much money. Economy goes on to elaborate on the scarcity, unequal distribution, and pollution of water. In the same way that deforestation affects more than just the amount of forest available, the polluted and scarce water destroy cropland, require a huge amount of money to
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Unformatted text preview: the air pollution that far exceeds the acceptable limitations placed on cities, which affects many people with pulmonary diseases. Finally, she also explains other huge public health problems that have cropped up and plagued many people with illnesses that had not previously been large-scale problems. If these problems are already powerfully affecting China, how can environmental agencies truly gain ground to make policy changes? Can economic growth and greater environmental friendliness occur simultaneously? If so many new cars, factories, etc. are expected to greatly increase, how can the associated pollution problems be mitigated? Finally, are all of these pollution issues economically based or the government’s fault, or can the blame be placed on the population at large?...
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