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August 31, 2011 KNH 120C Sec. TA The Hidden Cost of Obesity Reaction Paper #1 This article was not only very interesting to read, but it really shocked me. I had no idea that obesity was costing us so much money. I have realized, throughout the past few years, how rapid the percentage of obese people is increasing; but I had no idea how much obesity affected not only the person who is overweight, but also our society as a whole. One of the reasons why people are obese, however, is because of our fast-food nation. It is very easy to “save” money by getting a cheap super-size meal as opposed to organic groceries from Whole Foods. But the fact of the matter is it is actually costing obese people MORE money by consuming the way they do. I know it sounds silly, but I agree with the idea of paying people to lose weight. This will help save our economy in
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Unformatted text preview: the long run. By paying people to lose weight, our society will actually be saving more money since it is extremely expensive for our nation to have the amount of obese people that we do. We as a whole need to help the obesity problem in our country so we can not only save lives, but help save the problems that are affecting people who are healthy. This article also made me realize that I should make sure I am always watching my weight. It always sounded a little over the top to me when I hear that my friends or family members are constantly on diets and exercising an absurd amount, but being conscious of our surroundings and what we consume truly does save our lives in the long run. A few pounds gained here and there can add up, and potentially put me in danger of having good health....
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