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After consulting with the leadership at AJACK Tech, we decided to recruit candidates for five different departments within our company: Database administrator, web administrator, computer security specialist, computer support specialist, and computer and systems manager. Because computer support is our main function as a high-tech company, we plan to select fifteen more people for this position. We also would like to have two computer and systems managers, to better manage and assist the large team of sixty computer support specialists. We are looking for one person to fill the remaining three open positions. In order to alert people internally and externally of these job openings, we had to do job analyses to yield job descriptions. In conducting job analyses, we used two sources: Subject Matter Experts and supervisors. The SME’s completed Function Job Analyses in which they described the tasks they perform, particularly focusing on data, people, and things. We then asked the SME’s to come to the HR office to participate in individual interviews as to provide further detail and clarification on their FJA’s. The supervisors were interviewed by the HR team about what positions were needed for the expanding company, the tasks these newly created positions would be in charge of, and the tasks the pre-existing positions completed. The supervisors were able to over strategic insight on why jobs were done certain way and why the company required the new positions. In the final step of writing the job description based on our findings, we consulted O*Net to see sample job descriptions of the various positions. (See attached job description)
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Our company hopes to recruit approximately 17 more employees within the next year. The goal of AJACK is to promote from within. We hope to promote employees to higher positions, as they already know and understand the mission and goals of the company. The domino affect will take place from promoting within. Employees will be promoted and then we hope to fill the open positions from current employees. From
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mgt303_1 - After consulting with the leadership at AJACK...

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