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ACC 330 Tax research paper - Tax Research Paper Alexis...

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Tax Research Paper Alexis Wardlaw Acc 330 11:20 10/31/2011 Tax Case On October 17, 2011 a tax case was ruled in favor of the Internal Revenue System because of an unpaid tax liability in the amount of $85, 814.69. The Vaughns (the debtors) tried to argue that they Ms. Vaughn was not a responsible person under Section 6672 of her Go Tell It Ministry (GTI) since she had delegated the duty to a Fiscal Administrator within the Fiscal Affairs Department of GTI. However, it was ruled within the Johnson v. United States case that an individual cannot avoid duty to assure that withholding taxes are paid to the government simply by delegating responsibility to subordinates. (Johnson v. United States 203 F. Supp. 2d 416, 423 [89 Aftr 2d 2002-1000]). Background The Vaughns filed for Bankruptcy under Chapter 13 on September 17, 2009 for relief for their debt. On October 20, 2009 IRS filed a claim of $111, 645.48 for outstanding tax liabilities which had been amended four times. The most recent proof of claim, Claim No. 6-4, filed on April 21, 2010 totaled to the amount of $88, 475.17. Ms. Vaughn founded Go Tell It Ministry which was incorporated in 1984 in Detroit, Michigan. This organization has neither owners nor stockholders and is made up of five various divisions that include the Holy Ghost Church, Go Tell It Evangelistic Ministry, Go Tell It Network, Spread the World Media and KFBC School. Ms. Vaughn was actively involved with all divisions and severed as the spoke person of the organization. Ms. Vaughn was the Senior Pastor, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Apostle of GTI. In 1999, Ms. Adams was hired to GTI as a Fiscal Administrator after reported that the payroll taxes of the Holy Ghost Church was not being paid. After receiving this information Ms. Vaughn created this position as well as the Fiscal Affairs Department to oversee the five divisions of GTI under one department. Fiscal Affairs
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ACC 330 Tax research paper - Tax Research Paper Alexis...

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