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MKT 335-Overview of Company

MKT 335-Overview of Company - Overview of Company/Org From...

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Overview of Company/Org From Datamonitor Darden restaurants is an operator of multi-brand restaurants. Darden provides food services at restaurantsts, sports bars, & concept restaurants. According to DataMonitor, Darden Restaurants is the #1 casual-dining operator (in terms of revenue). The company operates in the U.S. & in Canada with about 1,825 restaurants. As Clarence Otis as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, it is headquartered in Orlando, Florida and employs about 174,000 people. Darden restaurants also is the parent company of GMRI, a Florida based Corporation. GMRI and other Darden subsidiaries own the operating assets of these restaurants. In the United States there are 666 Red Lobsters, 717 Olive Gardens, 331 LongHorn Steakhouse, 40 Capital Grille, 25 Bahama Breeze, and 11 Seasons 52. In Canada there are 28 Red Lobsters and 6 Olive Garderns. Red Lobster and Olive Garden dominate suburban America. According to Hoovers Database Darden has built its dining empire without
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