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MKT 335 Final Project

MKT 335 Final Project - 2 The final model identifying...

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2) The final model identifying variables to be measured in the questionnaire Survey 1- ordinal 2- ratio 3- interval 4- interval 5- ordinal 6- ordinal 7- interval 8- ordinal 9- ratio 10- nominal 11- nominal 12- nominal Final Model - End of qualitative report (these are the things we need to look at) - Take the qualitative report and edit it to make it shorter - Identifying what needs to be measured in the questionnaire o Taking the qualitative report and making smaller - Put our survey in summary form (what we wanted to find out) IX: Conclusions The younger participants (the ones under the age of 21) appeared to be reluctant to answer any questions besides the first question of what a typical week looks like. It seemed apparent that these individuals were hesitant to answer questions about a bar based on the illegalities of drinking under the age of being 21 while being observed. Surprisingly, when asked what their favorite bar was, only one participant stated that they liked Brick Street here in Oxford, while all
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